Hop Tam Trading & Services Co., Ltd – also known as HT – was established in 2008. We are a team of experts who are widely experienced and highly dedicated to the profession. Over a long period of time working in the industry, we have acquired extensive expertise, a profound understanding of the equipment as well as known thoroughly customers’ liking, thereby significantly improving the quality of services and contributing to customer satisfaction. 
Our motto is “guarantee first-class services at the most reasonable costs in order to grow up with the customers.”

Please look at photos for instruments we have supplied.


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Given our considerable experience, we have addressed various serious problems of the instruments. Accordingly, our technical team can correctly diagnose and fix the issues in the shortest time possible so that the equipment could function normally. We could provide standby instruments, spare parts, accessories, and consumable products as is reasonably possible in order to push up the processes and avoid disruptions that possibly cause severe damage to the customers


You have financial trouble with buying instruments? You are confused about the suitability of instruments? You are worried about reputable suppliers and long-term support? Despite the fact that your instruments are of high quality, they could not operate smoothly without well-support from suppliers. For this reason, we offer these services to help customers save costs, open up an opportunity to proactively exchange or return the equipment when needed to rapidly meet market demand.


We are distributing accessories of many famous brands such as Kromasil, Sciencix, Glass Expansion, BGB, and so on. In addition, we maintain an abundant supply of replacement hardware components, from used to new. All products are qualified and guaranteed. We are committed to ensuring that the best accessories will be installed, and instruments will work perfectly as the top priorities.


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